Cartoon Risicoanalyse

Risk is the likelihood of a harmful consequence caused by a condition or action. The objective of the environmental risk assessment is to determine the level of risk of environmental hazards and determine how urgently and in what extent it must be dealt with them.

The risk assessment has two components: human health and ecological risk assessment. The stages include identifying the sources (the hazards), the pathways (who these hazards can affect the humans and/or ecological elements) and the receptors (the humans or ecological elements that are affected), and characterizing and quantifying the risks.

If there is any unacceptable threat (the risk is higher, than accepted/set) to human health or the ecology, appropriate action must be taken.


Risk analysis , S-risk, Vlier-human, human-, spreading- and ecological risk


The first phase consists of working with you in deciding which information is necessary in regards to your needs and how we can offer the best results in a cost effective manner. We’ll then determine which approach would offer the best results in your particular case.

On the basis of a more detailed site investigation, we can refine the chosen approach. We can then implement the selected strategy.

After completing our work, we thoroughly evaluate the results. If necessary we will then perform additional research to either confirm or disprove the results.

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