Cartoon Trillingsanalyse

Certain infrastructural works (demolition or piling projects), along with some industrial activities or traffic conditions (e.g. speed bumps), can sometimes cause vibrations that propagate through the soil. Not only does vibration cause disturbance but it can also lead to considerable structural damage.

Abesim employs specific measuring devices to objectively evaluate certain vibrations. Our measuring instruments can be equipped with an alarm function that indicates when certain critical values are exceeded. 

This way you can reassure those involved with figures and you will not run any risk of unjustified claims.


Vibration analysis , DIN-instructions, vibration hindrance


The first phase consists of working with you in deciding which information is necessary in regards to your needs and how we can offer the best results in a cost effective manner. We’ll then determine which approach would offer the best results in your particular case.

On the basis of a more detailed site investigation, we can refine the chosen approach. We can then implement the selected strategy.

After completing our work, we thoroughly evaluate the results. If necessary we will then perform additional research to either confirm or disprove the results.

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