Cartoon Infiltratietest

An infiltration (or pumping) test gives an indication of the permeability/infiltration capacity of the soil and explores the subsurface conditions. 

The infiltration rate correlates with the speed at which water enters the soil. Several types of test can be used to determine infiltration so Abesim chooses the one that is most appropriate to achieve the objective. We aim to offer the very best solution taking into consideration the soil texture and the groundwater level.

Concrete information is fundamental for:

  • (Re)infiltration of water e.g. groundwater decontamination
  • Infiltration of rainwater on site
  • Evaluation of flood risk


Infiltration test, pumping test, double O-ring, ring of Maule, depth-infiltration, aquifer diagnostics


The first phase consists of working with you in deciding which information is necessary in regards to your needs and how we can offer the best results in a cost effective manner. We’ll then determine which approach would offer the best results in your particular case.

On the basis of a more detailed site investigation, we can refine the chosen approach. We can then implement the selected strategy.

After completing our work, we thoroughly evaluate the results. If necessary we will then perform additional research to either confirm or disprove the results.

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