Happy newyear

We take this opportunity to thank you and wish you the very best for the New Year. A new year means a new chapter. Remember that our vision, our team and your point of contact remains the same!

Abesim celebrates partnership with EFI Global

Valued clients –

Over the last 21 years, ABESIM has grown to become a successful team of specialists and a well-known brand in the field of 'Soil remediation expertise' and ‘environmental management”.

Internal training day

Cartoon Asbest

We don't want to lose sight of the personal growth and knowledge of our employees. At abesim, every year we organize an internal training day where employees make each other wiser.

Pollutec 2021

Abesim can look back on a successful participation in Pollutec.

ABESIM assists OVAM with demolition works at the ALVAT Buggenhout site

In Buggenhout, right next to the Schelde, the site of the former ALVAT factory, with a surface of 4.6 hectares, is located. Until 1995, barrels were cleaned and prepared for reuse here, resulting in soil pollution. At the end of 2019, OVAM acquired the site for 1 symbolic euro.

Happy Holidays

With the new year 2021 upon us, we would like to thank you for a successful year in which your commitment was of great importance.

Have you seen our new red Abesim car?

Recently visible on the Belgian roads (and also a bit in France and Luxembourg). The ABESIM car fleet is normally “white with a red ball”, but once every 5 years we provide one car in ABESIM red.

When Abesim and Gallia Sana join forces

The Eiffel tower, you know that iron lattice tower in Paris?

A not-to-be-missed monument and symbol of the capital, the Eiffel Tower stands 325 m tall and is Created for the Exposition Universelle of 1889.

Drillings kennedylaan & D Eisenhowerlaan

Have you noticed a road works along the John F. Kennedylaan and D. Eisenhowerlaan in Ghent recently?

Quality Management Abesim: ISO9001 2015 expanded and extended

We are proud to announce an expansion and extension of the ISO 9001 (BQA_2010378) certificate.

The switch to the 9001:2015 standard means that within the organization key elements such as

Drone Certification RPAS class 1

One of our employees obtained his RPAS class 1 pilot license lasth month.

IFAT2018 A platform for innovations

 IFAT is the world's leading exhibition for water/sewage/waste management and raw materials, It takes place every two years. More than 3000 exhibitors from about 60 countries attend this year's industry meeting from May 14 to 18, 2018 in Munich.

The compact sieving table - execution of asbestor

ABESIM has purchased a compact sieving table for the execution of asbestos in soil and debris research, ideal for small sieving works or sieving in confined spaces.

Pollutec 2018

POLLUTEC 2018 is the international trade show for environmental equipment, technologies and services.

Abesim’s participation at Pollutec 2018 was a succes. Thank you for your visit and hopefully until the next Pollutec!



Construction and demolition waste management

Starting autumn 2018, processing companies will have to make a selection of the quality of the construction and demolition waste based on environmental risks.

Dynamic plate load test

Abesim recently acquired a device for dynamic plate tests.This test makes it possible to evaluate the level of densification of an embankment in progress.It can also be used to control the existing foundation layer, typically used in a roadway context.

New drilling machine

The Defender

Our new drilling machine is ready! “Boys and their toys”, you might say… Funnily enough, our female colleagues like it a lot too

 The Defender is in a combination of two elements:

Exposition "FOCUS"

It was a pleasure to welcome you to our successful exhibition of fine art photographs taken by a member of Abesim-team, Paweł Kot. 

Successful participation at Pollutec LYON 2016

We can look back to a successful participation at the Pollutec 2016 in Lyon.

PCBs Real risk within earthmoving at road works

Cartoon Indicatief onderzoek

The potential presence of Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in soil is cited in the OVAM’s newsletter of 26/11/2015. Recent technical reports show that PCBs are frequently more determined than generally assumed. They can originate from shallow excavation during road works.