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During a settlement of bankruptcy, receivers has to take account of the rules and laws. Thus of the Soil Decree. There used to be some problems with this from time to time. Therefore, OVAM, the Flanders Public Waste Agency and the OVB, a cluster of Flemish lawyers signed the “protocol of receivers”. As a result, OVAM can now finance an exploratory soil investigation and estimate the pollution. In case the receiver cannot find a buyer, OVAM is able to buy the site for the symbolical amount of 1 euro and therefore is able to carry out these soil investigations and associated works. In this way, OVAM has bought 16 sites and was able to accelerate the speed of some remediation cases.

ABESIM assists OVAM in managing and redevelopment of the sites in Hemiksem, Izegem, Liedekerke, Mechelen, Nieuwpoort, Ronse, Schoten, Wijnegem and Halle. The sites in Liedekerke and Izegem are already cleared up. Now they are looking for the best way to sell them.

The other sites are still at the stage of soil investigation or remediation. ABESIM is responsible for the analysis of asbestos, waste and demolition inventories, follows up the waste disposal and demolition work and considers various steps in terms of redevelopment of the site while focusing on a sustainable and socially relevant incorporation.



Annelies De Hauwere
De Hauwere

Asbestos audit

Abesim - azbest

We are pleased to announce that Abesim Polska Sp. z o.o performed an asbestos audit of a property located in Konstancin - Jeziorna.

The audit included checking the buildings located in the area, as well as the soil on the property – there was a significant risk of the whole area being contaminated by asbestos fibers – in connection to non-professional demolition of several of buildings by the previous owner, and ground levelling with the use of debris from demolition.

On behalf of our client we developed a proprietary methodology of representative soil sampling, allowing for effective assessment of the potential contamination, and conducted a full check of the subject site.

Pawel Kot