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You’re buying or selling a parcel of land, or you’re planning on excavating an area due to a building project.

If there is the possibility of soil or groundwater/surface water contamination due to previous contaminating activity, a study can be required to ensure legal and/or financial security of the enterprise. Soil screening is the first step of environmental risk management.

Firstly, we conduct a historical study of previous activity to establish where the biggest risk of pollution exists and which contaminants are most likely to be found. Based on the results of this study, we then draw samples of soil and groundwater from the areas of highest probability.

The result of this study will give an indication as to whether a site or property is contaminated or not.

The gathering of this objective information increases legal security and allows you a clearer vision on the following steps to be taken and the costs involved.


Soil analysis orientation, exploratory soil analysis, technical report, subaqueous soil analysis, sludge analysis, indicator of contamination. 


The first phase consists of working with you in deciding which information is necessary in regards to your needs and how we can offer the best results in a cost effective manner. We’ll then determine which approach would offer the best results in your particular case.

On the basis of a more detailed site investigation, we can refine the chosen approach. We can then implement the selected strategy.

After completing our work, we thoroughly evaluate the results. If necessary we will then perform additional research to either confirm or disprove the results.

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