Whether an individual, company, organisation or governmental body, if there is uncertainty regarding the composition of soil layers or there is possible contamination of a parcel of land, groundwater or surface water, you’ll require a geotechnical or environmental study.

The first step in achieving a satisfactory outcome is defining a precise goal. Working together with you we’ll look at exactly what you want (or need), what information is relevant in the context and what is within the budget to obtain a satisfactory result.

Based on this ambitious and achievable goal we determine the most appropriate strategy. Each approach has its own set of possibilities, limitations and costs, while practical considerations must also be taken into consideration.

Employing our extensive experience, we first decide upon the most effective strategy. We then thoroughly examine this approach in regards to legal guidelines and regulations.

Thereafter follows the tactical aspect: Sending our people to the scene allows them to get a perfect feel for the situation. It also gives them total control over the entire process and offers them the opportunity to refine the strategy or make any necessary adjustments.

Now, the the chosen approach can be carried out.

Following the execution of our strategy we evaluate the results. This is where we carefully analyse the effectiveness of our chosen approach and, if necessary, conduct additional studies to either confirm or disprove our results.